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Painting mainly in oils this internationally acclaimed contemporary artist produces modern portraits that address issues of inclusion and identity, obsolescence and conflict. So adroit at capturing the human face and form, Maiden is able to move apace from haunting and distant to soulful and spiritual, proud and bold to reserved and guarded. His faces manage to remain both familiar and anonymous, as Maiden plays out his moment he has been privy to across the canvas.

Technically Maiden displays composition akin to that of the academically trained artist, and yet he is entirely self-taught, navigating his way through his chosen genre over many years, without instruction or advice.

Maidens content rigorously addresses the issues of the 21st century, his work being packed with symbolism and hidden stories that expose the immoralities and pretences of our time.

Keith Maiden was a published artist for 6 years with Washington Green Fine Art Publishers and Castle Fine Art  who are part of the Halcyon Group London who are at the forefront of the contemporary art scene in the UK. He has had 4 sold out solo exhibitions in 6 years and 25 plus sold out Limited editions. He was invited to meet and paint Brazilian football legend Pele's portrait for a group exhibition at the flagship Halcyon gallery on Bond Street Mayfair London as part of Pele's 75th birthday celebrations 'Art Life Football. Invited artists included Andy Warhols work, Ronnie Wood from the rolling stones, Lorenzo Quinn Raphael Mazzucco, Nic Joly, Paul Kenton

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